How to keep texting conversation going

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Thrilled to know how to extend text romantic conversation with your love? This article describes strategies to extend and prolong romantic conversations with your love in a straightforward way.

Keep curiosity inside your brain burning

Whether you are talking to a girl or a boy you should have a very high level of curiosity to know your partner. see in your mind’s eye in a way that you are on a mission to reach his/her heart and the only way to reach their heart is through digging. I mean what is a possible way to reach their heart, to know them precisely. Trust me, when you are in love with someone, you would have tons of questions popping up in your mind to ask them, you would not have to worry about what to ask next but you will learn How to keep texting conversation going if you read this article with a clean mind.

How to keep texting conversation going
How to keep texting conversation going

If your mind is empty and you are exhausted on what next question to ask, then take a break and give yourself some time. But even after few days you are not able to do gather questions to ask her/him automatically then I can assure you that your mind is not interested in that person anymore. Rather it proves that you are forcing yourself into a non-existent relationship.

But to help you out here are some questions and topics you can talk about while texting.

Note: First thing to remember, don’t ever text your love/crush while you are drunk. It will spoil your relationship for sure.

Instead of saying Hi, Hey start with something like below mentioned weird opening   lines

  • Is Pluto a planet?
  • Do you know spiderman?
  • Have you ever been to school?
  • Do you have a spaceship?
  • Do you know? I have a property on the moon?

I mean,  be thoughtful, ask the opening questions in a way that they will be forced to think, and eventually reply. Don’t ask dumb questions and Keep curiosity inside your brain burning.

Keep Going

Till now you are doing great,99percent of you both are texting each other at night. I mean, I know some friends who will talk to their loves from midnight to sunrise. Yep, that should be your target. I mean it is not possible daily, but you should do this in the first few days of your relationship. As I mentioned earlier, if you are truly in love with each other you will not fall asleep. You should make up questions in your mind, and talk about from her birth to her/his journey to college as mentioned below. Remember our goal is to How to keep texting conversation going.

  • Where do you bear?
  • So You are from Boston?
  • Where is your mother from?
  • Do you like your school days?
  • Do you remember anything about your schooldays?
  • Who was your teacher?
  • Who was your best friend?
  • Do you play basketball in school?
  • Do you have a crush in school?
  • Which was your favorite subject back then?
  • Which was your favorite superhero?

These are all formal questions.

Proceed further

If you know your partner very well and have at least 6 months of a relationship, you can go intimate and ask intimate questions. I mean again you should not force yourselves, your mind will tell you what to ask, trust your gut feeling, and well, trust me.

Here are some questions you can ask.

  • I like your hairs, not a question but she will revert.
  • Can you live without me?
  • Will you ever cheat on me?
  • What do you like most about me.?
  • Do you want kids?
  • What you have planned for us in the future?
  • Do you want to get physical?
  • Go out and ask about the moon?
  • What I can do to get your love in return?

Again I want to reiterate that, trust your gut feelings, ask questions based on runtime answers from the opposite person. Note that, you have a lot of time.

If you truly love each other ,you will never be out of words to text or talk.

Trust your gut feelings.

All the best.