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How do I make the conversation back to normal after a fight with my “female” best friend?

It is often said that fighting creates a stronger bond between two partners but sometimes we need to patch things together to hold on to a relationship. In this article, we have tried to answer How do I move on and make the conversation go back to normal after a small fight with my “female” best friend? Have a big heart to say sorry In these scenarios, most of the time a woman will never come forward and say sorry


How to keep texting conversation going

Thrilled to know how to extend text romantic conversation with your love? This article describes strategies to extend and prolong romantic conversations with your love in a straightforward way. Keep curiosity inside your brain burning Whether you are talking to a girl or a boy you should have a very high level of curiosity to know your partner. see in your mind’s eye in a way that you are on a mission to reach his/her heart and the only way