One-sided love

The great philosopher Plato describes two kinds of love in his book Symposium. Vulgar Eros can be defined as material attraction to a person’s beauty and for sexual purposes. Divine eros can be defined as love for supreme beauty. According to Plato’s interpretation of love, both types of love are connected and part of the continuous process of changing each other till the point where both individuals reach perfection.

one-sided love
One-sided love

According to our interpretation of Plato’s love, divine eros is a prefix to one-sided love. In this article, we will try to understand what one-sided love is. We have discussed the roots of ancient dating here and how the love starts here. Don’t forget to read this if you want to understand the whole concept.

Psychological facts about one-sided love

As you might know complex qualities, equalities make people fall in love with each other. Because of this reason, one-sided love can be defined as unrequited love. In many cases, one-sided love is part of inequality. whereas the lover is not at par with one who is being loved. So, one-sided love has a negative diaspora around the expression of love. Many times lover is not able to express their feelings to opposite person due to some reasons. Even if they express their feeling, they get rejected immediately. But, the person who got rejected is not able to let it go and move on in their life. One-sided love often happens with a person who is not exactly your match. such as major age difference, major social status difference, or major religious difference, or even major intellectual ability difference. As described by Plato in this love scenario, in the process of love, vulgar eros is skipped and the person who is in one-sided love is forced to be in divine eros type of love. One-sided love can happen with anyone, even with a couple who are in an association.

Signs of one-sided love

You always back him/her up even they are wrong.

You invest everything you have in your love with getting nothing in return.

You blindly and unknowingly reject other good relationship offers or does not give attention to the feelings of another girl/boy. Means you are A and loving B, but C is loving A without A’s attention.

You live in a fantasy relationship, where you do not meet or talk.

Just, seeing that person makes you happy, you do not have the urge to meet and talk with that person.

Even if they reject you, or give signs that they are not into you, you don’t stop loving them.

You keep browsing their social profiles, track their timing like when they go to work or gym on daily basis. You track them like a detective.

You get easily unhappy/happy even they do reply to your texts. Like they have your mood witch button in their pocket.

You keep talking to that person, you keep talking to persons who are friends with your love, you keep visiting their work, the home area often, which makes you happy.

You are the one who always take lead.

How to make one-sided love successful

as you may have noticed, one-sided love is painful, very painful. here is how can you make your one-sided love work.

Earn their trust

If you have not expressed your feelings yet, try to be their best friend first. in the process of becoming their friend, you will know their traits and trends, you might change your idea of loving them. If you have already expressed your feelings, offer them friendship and try to earn their trust, in the process of gaining trust and becoming friends they might discover your qualities and they might drop the idea of rejecting you as a romantic partner.

Don’t care too much

Too much trust can harm your future relationship. don’t be obsessed with your loved one.set boundaries for your relationship, even if they are in friendship; don’t let them use you.

Keep the communications channel open

Don’t followup for chats and meets, give them space but keep the communication channel open. let them understand that you are available to them and they are your priority.

Don’t get regret your decision

Despite the negative response, you are trying to make it work. Don’t regret this decision but don’t spend too much time and money in this relationship. as you know investments are subject to market risk. remember this works both ways, even if you had consent from the opposite party and you are in a relationship, there is no assurance that your relationship will work for a longer time. So don’t regret your judgment, keep doing what your doing, take accountability, your life, your risk. Start investing money and time in yourself, keep earning money, education. Keep meeting other people, not for love but friendship. This is your emergency investment. This will save you if things go wrong.

How to move on from one-sided love

Moving on from the person you love is a difficult task. especially if you have spent a lot of time together. and if you have tons of memories. There is no delete button. Here is how you can move from one-sided love.

Don’t think about them

Well, thoughts do not go that easily. You have to give yourself time. Understand the reasons why they are coming to your mind. Delete their photos from everywhere. Delete everything about them on your all digital belongings. Throw away their gifts and physical memories. Don’t talk about them, try not to visit their places if you can. Try not to meet your common friends.

Spend time with people and at work

Accept the reality that, they are out of your life. I know that it’s not easy but think like you have killed them in your mind, you have mummified them like in the movies and buried them deep inside your mind. Spend time with other people and at work. Try to get into other relationships. Try to focus on your aims in your life. remember and fulfill your other responsibilities. Work with charity groups. Try to understand that you were someone’s, one-sided love.

Books about one-sided love

Love is like alcohol to some people, they find amusement to remember their lost love. This is the list of books that are available on for reading if you want to read stories like yours and feel amazed.


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Depression due to one-sided love

We told you the mummification process, which was funny but we don’t recommend going into depression due to one-sided love. Have fun, enjoy life. If required meet your medical counselor.

Happy Dating!

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