Questions to ask when dating

Whether you are on a first date or any; you need subjects and topics to discuss. You need questions to ask. Before we proceed I would like to tell you a truth. Truth is about you. I don’t want to demotivate you, but want to help you. Here we go, the truth is you are not feeling confident to go on a date. Before we proceed I would like to remind you that love is not finding someone to live with. It is finding someone you can’t live without.  We will help you with questions to ask when dating.

Questions to ask when dating
Questions to ask when dating

I mean if you love someone and you are with that special person, your thoughts must be effortless like pure and divine water coming to the ground from mountains. You don’t have to force yourself to be with that person. But if you are going on a first meeting here are Questions to ask when dating.

Ask them about themselves

Follow this sequential order, of asking questions. Do not straight ask them about their family and profession. Start with a person you are dating. For a better understanding let’s imagine that a girl who is from Denver, Colorado is having a date with a boy from New York in New York City. The plan is to know common things connecting both people who are dating.

Where are you originally from?

Which college/university did you attend/attending?

What was the major subject you pursued/pursuing in college?

What is your date of birth?

Are you on Instagram?

Do you drink /smoke?

What is your blood group?

Do you believe in supernatural beings?

Ask them about their likes, dislikes, and ambitions

Do you like traveling?

What do you like to eat?

What is your favorite TV/Movie/Netflix show?

Do you like tattoos?

What is your favorite car/bike?

Which is your favorite celebrity?

What is your favorite book?

Do you love to save money and invest?

What do you like about tea /coffee?

Do you like camping and bonfire?

You want to buy a home and settle down?

What do you want to do something major in the next 5 years?

Do you know/love to cook?

Ask them about their family and friends?

What is your family business /line of work?

Who is your best mate?

Ask them about their profession

Are you going to expand your business/switch job?

Do you love your current job?

What you/your company do, what is your product? 

As previously discussed, the plan is to bridge a gap between you by collecting common information about your partner.

Ask questions in a positive way that your partner will not be bothered by your questions. If you have any more ideas on questions to ask when dating,don’t forget to write in the comment section below.

Happy Dating!