Am I in love? – Definitive Guide for teenagers

After the age of 16, we all start to get feelings. Feelings of love. Boys and girls start to get their unique looks. They begin to get a new personality.We start to get self-conscious. We want to observe ourselves. We want to taste our potential.Someone is good at studies while someone is good at sports. Few people are kind of good at both sports and studies.This is a story of how love gets started and how people fall in love and find anwer to question , Am I in love ?

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It Always Starts In a New Place

If you move to a new location with your family, or you move to a new college, or if you move to a new school, or if you move to a new classroom, it’s always new when people start falling in love with someone. This might be because when we are in a new place, a new environment. It is a general human tendency to scan or observe your place. When we are in a new place humans start to search for people like themselves. We tend to search for people like us, especially of our age. We don’t make friends anywhere. We are very selective while selecting our friends. We don’t notice this but this is how it works.

Our body language matters too. When we meet new people, we automatically begin judging them based on their body language, how they speak, how they walk, and what they speak. Each gender has its unique capabilities to judge the other. This is because over a period of time, in the process of evolution, men tend to work in a field whereas women have to work at home. So women are good at all the soft things we do in life. Men are experts at all the hard things we do in life. The choice of people is seriously affected by their surroundings while they are growing up. Both men and Boys if raised properly, or had a good childhood would seek a copy of their father and mother in their future partner. Unknowingly we tend to compare our new partnership with our parents.

So it’s up to your priorities if you want to fall in love. But, if you don’t decide your by-default setting is you are going to fall in love. It’s natural. So recently you have started visiting a new place, you might be already have fallen in love.

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The Friendship

So, if you have started visiting a place or somebody else started visiting your place, you might have noticed that you want to talk with that special person. This is about extroverts. Introverts don’t get into this “the talking level” easily. Even if someone is trying to have word with you, don’t easily judge that the person wants to have a romantic relationship with you. According to Plato, love is a serious mental illness. So think twice before getting attached to an emotional romantic relationship. This happens with teenagers most of the time. As teenagers are new to this love thing and to the world, they just don’t think. They fall in love. SO if you are reading this and your age is below 22 years, I would advise you to proceed carefully. So we all call it a “First Love”.

The people who are mature enough, and have been through the initial phases of love and break up already, will call their “that” person “crush”. They will secretly observe them, try to be with them, and try to understand them.

So if you are in no hurry to get involved, we would suggest you get through an experienced way to fall in love. The first love kind of thing can spoil your life and demotivate you for your entire life.

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You Are in Love

So, you and your crush or your “first love” have spent many days or years in a friendship. People are so dumb that, they know very well that they are in love but still they want to know whether they are in love. Below mentioned are signs that confirm whether you are in love.

  1. Your day ends and starts with that person.
  2. You talk with other people; friends but you kind of ignore them.
  3. Your heartbeats increase when you meet that person alone or in a less crowded place.

20 signs which will tell you that you’re in love

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Are you unsure whether you’re really in love with someone or not? Do you keep asking yourself “am I in love” constantly? If yes, then you most likely have asked a close buddy or family member for early signs. They probably responded with something ambiguous like “you should know it yourself” or “it’s hard to express,” or something similar—which is, needless to say, unhelpful.

If you’re going through such a dilemma, you should understand that there is no universal rule for how much time it takes to fall in love. And similarly, there is no fixed checklist for determining whether what you’re feeling is genuine. Still, sounds confusing?

If that’s the case, then in this blog you’ll read about the best 20 signs that will tell you if you’re really in love. Yes, you read it correctly, so read on without wasting any more time and learn what love is.

We have all heard the saying that one of the most wonderful feelings in the world is falling in love. Maybe that’s why so many films, songs, and TV programs revolve around the concept. Although, we all know that real magic happens when feelings are reciprocated. So, let’s take a look at some less-obvious signals that you are falling in love.

Obviously, signals that you’re falling in love vary from person to person. Still, most people experience a few common occurrences as their feelings shift from casual to could this be forever? So, according to dating and relationship experts, these below are several signals you’re falling in love.

Your beloved looks one-of-a-kind to you

You have the impression that this person is not like the others. It’s more about how you feel when you see them. Furthermore, you’ve never felt this way about anyone else. You only have eyes for this special someone you love.

You keep staring at them

You won’t seem to be able to take your gaze away from that special someone when you’re in love with them. If you find yourself staring deeply into your partner’s eyes all the time, you’re hooked to them.

You feel like you’re in heaven

If you’ve never fallen in love before, then get ready to feel like you’re on cloud seven all the time. It’s because every time you talk to them, you will feel an instant adrenaline rush. You might feel ecstatic and excited for no reason.

You’re just thinking about that person

It may sound a bit dramatic, but you might subconsciously think about this person. So if they’re the last person, you think of before falling asleep and the first person you think of when you wake up, you’re in love.

You feel nervous at times

Yes, love is wonderful, but it can also make us feel worn out. Being in love leads your brain to generate the stress hormone cortisol, which can make you feel stressed and anxious around this person.

You feel empathetic towards your partner

Do you feel like crying when your loved one cries? Or do you feel hurt when they’re hurt? Well, if that’s the case, you’re in love. People in love are naturally responsive to the hardships and wants of their partners.

You’re ready to adjust to your beloved

When you’re in love, it’s easy to rearrange your schedule to accommodate your partner’s hobbies and demands. You would do whatever it takes to spend more time with this person.

You’re looking for your beloved’s attention

It’s love if you want to claim your territory and make it clear that you only want your partner and no one else. Or, if you find yourself seeking their attention continuously, it’s love.

You’re feelings get stronger with time

When your emotions don’t fade away over time but instead get stronger and deeper, you know it’s more than an infatuation. So, if you’ve been feeling this way about someone special for a long time, it’s quite likely that you’re in love.

You give your beloved full attention

If you truly care about someone, you will give them your complete attention without any second thought. Yes, if you enjoy being around someone and are willing to offer them your undivided attention, it’s love.

You share everything with your person

When you simply have a crush on that one person, it’s simple to ignore the underlying flaws. But when it comes to love, it’s a different matter. It’s because your conversations are usually deeper with that person.

You make plans in your head

When you’re in love with someone, it’s normal to fantasize about a future with them. In other words, it is more convenient to plan. You begin to make plans for your future together.

It’s easy to enjoy with that person

When you’re with that special someone, things like buying groceries or even walking your dog become quite exciting. That’s a sign that you’ve fallen in love with this person.

You’re ready to introduce that person to your family

If you’ve been dying to tell your family about this person, it’s evident that you have more than a casual interest in that person.

When it becomes your priority to support them

You’re connected beyond the realm of just attraction if you’re keen to help that person with everyday life circumstances like writing their projects or giving them emotional support.

You want to spend time with your beloved

In general, you should want to be in the company of the person you love. You would want to spend more time with them, enjoy the loving feeling, and learn more about them.

You’re ready to respect their views

If you experience a sense of commitment even when you disagree, you’re in love. Your points of view may be incompatible, yet love exists when you respect what the other person has to say.

You’re giving priority to your beloved’s interest

Imagine you’ve never watched cricket before, but your partner is a massive fan, so you naturally decided to give it a try. It’s love if you’re learning about their interests, even if they don’t excite you.

You are in love with their smell

Pheromones are quite essential in attracting people. So, if you enjoy the smell of your favorite person when they are near you, it is nothing but love.

You feel jealous when they talk to someone else

Jealousy plays an important role when you’re in love. So, if you don’t really like it when your partner talks to the opposite sex, then it could be that you have fallen in love with them.

Decode your feelings before it’s too late

So, now you don’t have to get confused all the time wondering, “am I in love”. If you’ve ever met someone who makes you feel special and with whom you enjoy spending time, there’s a good chance you’re in love. After all, it’s good to be aware of your emotions before it’s too late.

Expressing Yourselves

As discussed earlier some people, without knowing another side of the story, without starting any conversation, say I love you to your “first love” or crush. This happens with the first love type of cases mostly. As a responsible person, it’s your duty; whether you are a girl or a boy. You need to first confirm whether that person is available and ready for such a kind of relationship with you. Ask your gut feeling about whether it is going to work. Remember, a relationship requires the affirmation of both individuals. If she or he said “NO” then they mean it. You should immediately back off and leave that person alone. Do not try to understand the reason behind that NO. Don’t get yourself friend-zoned in that scenario. You should stay away from the person which is not interested in having a relationship with you. Everybody has choices, and so do you. Simply move on if there is “NO” from another party. If it is “YES” take every decision wisely and be happy, and have the courage to take responsibility for your love and your future family. If you are not going to have a family with your person then it is waste of time and money for both of you. I mean some people in the name of so-called freedom make more than 2 or 3 relationships in life. I am still okay with it, but there is some problem if you are failing to keep your promises and breaking and creating new relationships every now and then. Before you get into expressing your love, prepare yourself to get ready for a long journey instead of a 6-month journey.Now what do you think ? You are in Love ? tell everyone on internet in comment section below.

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