How Do You Know if You’re in Love?

In the words of Eckhart Tolle, “To love is to recognize yourself in another.” Love is a wonderful yet complex feeling. How do you know that your love will be requited? That it will not be one-sided, but the start of a meaningful relationship? This article will help you identify if you’re in love and will explain How do you know if you’re in Love?

How Do You Know if You’re in Love?
How Do You Know if You’re in Love?

You find the person unique

No individual measures up to the person you love. This occurs due to the increase in the chemical dopamine in your brain, which results in increased attention and a tendency to focus on the person you’re in love with.

Emotional instability

When you’re in love, your emotions go on a roller-coaster ride, and you experience increased levels of energy, euphoria, loss of appetite, and sleeplessness, as well as an increased rate of breathing, and heart rate. However, if you suspect your love to be one-sided or visualize a breakup scenario, you may experience panic, anxiety, and despair. Let’s find more symptoms for How do you know if you are in love?

Intrusive thinking

When you’re in love, your thoughts will constantly revolve around the object of your desire. This occurs due to decreased levels of serotonin in your body. This person starts dominating your thoughts, which affects your emotional, cognitive, and social bonding capabilities, resulting in intimacy and fostering feelings of love.

Emotional dependency

Furthermore, you may have an unrealistic view of the person, resulting in complete acceptance of their behaviors without criticism. It is acceptable to you even if they dress oddly. For example, wear socks with sandals. They can do no wrong. Being in love means losing all inhibitions and becoming emotionally dependent on them. This can result in feelings of jealousy, possessiveness, fear of separation, and rejection.

Feelings of empathy

When you are dating or are in a relationship, you start feeling strong empathy towards them, i.e., you feel what they feel. You will often go out of your way or even sacrifice what’s dear to you for the person you love.

Planning a future together

When you daydream about your future together, you’re in love. The high levels of the neurotransmitter oxytocin (also a hormone) increase the drive to be with your partner.

This article explains a few biological, emotional, and physical signs that you can experience when you’re in love. You cannot see love but can feel it. Understand, How Do You Know if You’re in Love?

Go ahead and explore the limitless possibilities on your journey of love.