What are the 5 stages of dating?

Every successful relationship goes through 5 stages of dating such as attraction, understanding, acceptance, steadiness, and loyalty. On the other side, every unsuccessful relationship goes through less than 5 stages. In this article, we will learn about all these stages in detail that every couple experiences while dating.


We have already learned how love starts in this article. The attraction is the starting point of every successful relationship.  Attraction is a natural concept, without attraction, your relationship will not last long.     There is confusion about love and sex but this doesn’t work that way. Only sexual desire in a relationship is harmful to flourish your love life. The attraction is a spark plug of your love engine. The attraction is the first stage of dating.

5 stages of dating
5 Stages of Dating


When people fall in love, sometimes they express themselves before understanding their partners’ background and nature. most of the time, these types of relationships lead to dead ends. In such scenarios dating comes forward. Dating is the best option to understand your partner, which we have already discussed in this article. Understanding is the second stage of dating.


Some couples understand and accept their potential partners to dating in a week while some take years. Eventually, with spending some time together couples create memories and experiences. Positive experiences create positive bonds. Acceptance is the third stage of dating.


Relationships are very volatile in nature. Relationships are bonded together by trust. trust is a very strange thing. When it comes to trust, the personality of a person, their background, how they have been raised, their mental strength, all these come into action. without trust, there is no steadiness in your relationship. trust is like shock absorbers to your love vehicle. steadiness is the fourth stage of dating.


What is the purpose of a relationship? some will say that having a family is a purpose. But scientifically that is not the only purpose to have relationships. We are humans. Humans share knowledge with their next generation through traditions. We raise our children. All this is possible when their parents are together. You can not have sex when you are old. Sex is not the only thing that keeps relationships alive. In modern society divorce rates are increased. There are couples who do not want children. Eventually, the couples who are not having a family will not be together due to obvious reasons. This might sound religious, but without marriage and family, there is no relationship. Loyalty is the last and fifth stage of dating.