Dating Of Early Humans And What is Dating About

Dating before civilizations

This is the story of how humans evolved. How they invented societies and how they became social animals. How the dating may have started.

what is dating about
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This was prior to the discovery of “THE FIRE” by ancestors of humans or let’s say simply monkeys. They weren’t using or controlling or not have learned to control “THE FIRE” as of now to get things done. So we call this era “The Dark Ages”.  All our ancestors no matter how brilliant they may be, still they were eating raw meat, roots, and fruits. If we talk about “THE BIOLOGY” of these ancestors, they were largely dependent on roots and fruits. Thus their body was getting very low “calories” cannot sustain to have large brains and cannot go far away from home for food or hunting so they were less innovative. These ancestors of humans were just animals. For example, they will go to find food, independently and have encounters with their probable sexual partner. There might be fights or violence over a female in between two male counterparts if there is any conflict of interest. Like many animals do they may just have sex with no strings attached. Technically speaking to become a FATHER, there is only one trait you should have is being strong or healthy. They were living in groups but not have developed complex societies. There might be also no intervention in the sexual choices of two individuals by their parents. No permissions might be needed. This was a purely natural way of bonding.

On another side Please note, that at this time our ancestors yet not fully walking on their two legs so they have limited mobility and less opportunity to search for food in outer spaces thus less opportunity for innovation.

Due to the natural process of evolution luckily “THE MAGICAL BIOLOGICAL CHANGES “happened in the body of ancestors. From here on our ancestors started separating from the “WHOLE ANIMAL KINGDOM”.

Our ancestors were started walking on “TWO LEGS”, due to this chain of events our ancestors had “SMALL abdomens” including our female ancestors. This is why human Children do not walk on their own immediately after birth, they need their father and mother for security and required further assistance to grow and develop into mature full-grown humans. As child requires their mother and father, the society of our ancestors started becoming more active, and they started socializing and thus started living in groups for protection from predators and other humans. We are talking about science here, but still want to remind you that “THE RELIGION” yet has not taken its place. We are talking about dating by the meaning of understanding that the males or females would have a chance o select their sexual partner, or we can say that “LIFE PARTNER“ or Husband or wife.

Again on the other hand Due to all these chains of events in the anatomy of the body of our ancestors and their social behaviors they had enough food and security thus, their bodies had “EXCESS” calories to be used, which was ultimately used by “THE BRAIN”. This is the most complex machine developed by our great nature which still we can’t understand. Later before becoming hunters our ancestors might have accidentally discovered and learned to control fire.

Please note these changes were done by forces of nature over a long span of time, Darvin Defines it as “THE EVOLUTION”.

what is dating about
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Science Says that firstly humans or their ancestors were living on trees, then they concurred grasslands, further, they became hunters, later eventually and finally, they learned agriculture and settled down in a place. As the people settled on specific land, they must have been vulnerable to attacks by other human groups for food and women. People say that marriage was invented to give every boy a girl, due to all physically stronger men having the number of women’s but weaker men’s had nothing. Please think carefully and suppose that you were living in “THE STONE AGE” and suppose you are the very powerful alpha male. You had 4 to 5 beautiful women. Now, later on in a matter of time, you have a few sons and a few daughters. You love them as a father, your sons, and daughters. You taught your sons, the game of loving life, hunting, farming, etc. But what about daughters ?. Please note that even complex societies are not yet formed. Even at that time, humans must have had all emotions that we humans have today. They had emotions like love, greed, and honor too. As most daughters have today, they would also to be linked with the Power and Honour of their father. So a father like you who is powerful and dominant in your geographical area would consider marrying his daughter to other powerful alpha males for their safety and further well-being before you become too old to protect them. Later, societies may have framed this thing as a “HOLY” thing and named it “Marriage”.

Later, our ancestors must have become highly social. They must have become “MORE HUMAN”. They must have introduced “THE VALUE SYSTEM”. Value System would now be defining what is wrong and what is correct. What are etiquettes? What is the definition of moral?. Later on, the societies may have named the value system “RELIGION”. As the value system gets approval from “Gods” or “Religions” by the time our societies may have become more open and free. Especially for women. They would now have the option to select their life partner. Again especially in big cities and societies where everything is fine by the meaning of law and order. Women and men may go out or meet each other whether it is openly or covertly. We can conclude that somewhere in this time span the ERA of Dating Was Started.

So we can conclude that at an early age humans were not involved in the concept of dating. It is imperative to know that dating is highly dependent on social acceptance, and freedom in the society you live in.

difference between dating and being in a relationship
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What Is Dating About?

Dating should be a pleasant and enjoyable experience. You can enjoy your dating experience if you understand the legitimate goal of dating. One of the most fundamental reasons for dating is social connection. Delightful dating experiences can help you prepare for a happy, mature, and long-lasting marriage.

Unwholesome dating, on the other hand, can lead to the tragedy of a fragile and brief married life. This happens far too frequently. The major purpose of dating is to assess each other’s suitability as a long-term partner.


Dating is a phase in romantic relationships in which two people meet socially with the goal of each evaluating the other’s desirability as a prospective partner in a future intimate relationship. It is a type of courtship in which the pair engages in social activities either alone or with others. Seeing someone meaning – having a romantic or sexual connection with a person and talking to them regularly can lead to a serious relationship. Officially dating means- seeing someone regularly with the purpose of making that person your significant other officially can lead to a long-term commitment.

Define casual dating

Casual dating is a sort of relationship in which two individuals go on dates and spend time together regularly with no intention of getting into a long-term commitment. Casually dating someone usually indicates you like them enough to choose to spend time with them regularly but are either not prepared for or would not want a serious relationship. There is no commitment, and perhaps no interest, in creating a genuine, meaningful relationship.

Dating with a purpose

Dating with a purpose is vital if you want to discover if you can build and keep a healthy relationship with someone. Making a dating strategy is not an easy task. It takes perseverance, patience, self-discipline, and the wisdom of those who have gone before you.

Dating exclusively meaning

This simply means that both partners are just focused on one another. They are not juggling different people. It indicated that they are dedicated to each other in a steady relationship, but you must first take things at their own pace.

Definition of a relationship

A relationship is any form of association or connection that two people have, whether it is intimate, platonic, beneficial, or unfavorable. When people talk about “being in a relationship,” they usually refer to a specific type of romantic relationship involving physical and emotional affection, some level of continued commitment, romantic, and sexual exclusivity.

Are we in a relationship or just dating?

Posting images of you and your significant other on Instagram is indicative of something deeper since you are telling the world that you are together. If your partner is hesitant to exhibit evidence of you on social media, they may be afraid to commit or may even refuse to take things to the next level.

Hanging out with your partner’s family and friends is a solid sign that you are in a committed relationship. If they have not introduced you to their family, especially their close friends, they might not be ready for the next step. Friends will offer you the real thing. So, if your partner is hesitant to introduce you to their friends, it could be because they are concerned about what they will say or whether they will accept the relationship.

Difference between dating and being in a relationship

  1. Mutuality: One of the most significant distinctions between dating and relationships is having your ideas about what the two are. Dating is not the same as partnerships because it is not built on mutual agreement and trust. Casual dating does not work for everyone. The concept of exclusivity when with someone can vary. Some individuals like to date one another exclusively, while others prefer to date other people and are not interested in committing to just one person.
  2. Commitment: Commitment is essential in a relationship. People commit to staying together and looking forward to a future together, whereas dating usually lacks any kind of commitment.
  3. Communication: Communication alters significantly between dating and being in a relationship. When you are in a relationship, you will be talking to your spouse all the time about everything. Whether it is talking to them about minor facts from your background or encouraging them to snore a little less as they sleep.

Dating is unique. Communication is restricted, simple, and not particularly intrinsic. Couples who are dating will frequently engage in activities such as deciding where to eat next or informal conversations.

  1. Expectations: Expectations differ when you are dating or in a relationship. When you are dating someone, you have lower expectations of them. It is natural for a person to be more invested in the dynamic than the other, but since you both recognize it is casual, there are no future expectations, etc., with them. A relationship, on the other hand, is formed on expectations. You have high expectations of your partner. Everything, from patience to a bright and brilliant future, is on autopilot.

How to go from dating to being in a relationship?

  1. Make sure you want this

If you truly believe you want to go serious with this special somebody, before you do anything about it, ensure that you truly want to transition from a casual to a committed relationship. It is better to take a step back and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have a good time with them?
  • Is it true that I have a better mood when I am with them?
  • Do I feel good about myself after we say our goodbyes?
  • Do they make a difference in my life?
  • Do I believe I am respected?

In addition to asking yourself those critical questions, consider the j-word: jealousy. If they are behaving overly jealous or controlling your every move, you should seriously reconsider before committing to a committed relationship. And most importantly, you should not tell yourself, “Well, they are a good person who has not done anything wrong, so I think I must be with them.” The best advice is to be in a committed relationship where you feel good without them but better with them.

  1. Do not rush to “Define The Relationship”

It may sound odd, but while transitioning from casual dating to serious engagement, experts advise not to bring up the DTR (also called defining the relationship, or “what are we?”) debate. A strong relationship is built on momentum, and interrupting the enjoyment to ‘check in’ is a definite way to destroy the romance. You must allow things to unfold naturally and examine the evidence:

  • Do they try to meet you whenever they have free time?
  • Is it clear that they are truly interested in what you have to say?
  • Do they enjoy dates as much as you do?

Yes, yes, and yes again? That is fantastic: these are likely signals that they are in it for the long haul, so enjoy your time with them and don’t worry about making things “formal.” People who are cautious of commitment would like to feel like they are the ones choosing to be with you—they would not like to feel lured into a cage.

  1. Bring it up lightly

However, you do not have to remain in the dark indefinitely. Speak up if it has been six months, and they have not given you any hints about where they see this affair going. For example, if you want them to meet your parents, you may ask if they would be interested in coming out to dinner, but you have to let them know it is okay if they are not quite ready yet.

Above everything, you must note to maintain a light tone and the lines of communication open. If you are sure you want things to be serious at this stage, you can proceed to tell them you are willing to go from a casual to a committed relationship. You may convey exactly what sort of relationship you want and why you want it, defining what commitment is to you without issuing an obligation.

If they are not interested in talking, you can give them a couple of weeks to think about it. However, if they do not answer when you bring it up again, it may be time to reconsider the relationship. You have to determine which is more important to you: someone dedicated or this person, even if he will never be.

  1. Unplug to connect

For your next date, think past dinner and after drinks. The best form of date encourages you to stop texting, put down the phone, and truly nurture a deep connection. Restaurants are lovely, but you can try something a little out of your comfort zone now and then. You may attend a craft beer festival, catch a local band at a dive bar, or dare them to a mountain bicycle race.

A new adventure can strengthen your relationship by providing shared memories to remember afterward, and a stronger bond can enable both sides to advance from a chill and casual relationship to a committed one. Furthermore, the dates your spouse suggests can provide you with some insight into how they feel. If they advise going to see an artist’s exhibit because they know you appreciate her paintings, it is a certain sign of romance.

  1. Allow your selfless side to shine through.

Spending a Saturday morning at a soup kitchen or assisting an old person with his groceries may make your partner view you more seriously. People usually regard potential sexual partners as more appealing for a long-term relationship if they have humanitarian characteristics. Giving back to others demonstrates your good heart and integrity, and although partners may not consciously look that far ahead, they are unconsciously judging maternal characteristics in a woman to determine what kind of mother she would be.

That does not mean you should be obsessed with looking for opportunities and acting in certain ways just to please your partner. Rather, a worthy partner should be able to see you for all of your amazing qualities and, as a result, be down to go serious – whether you volunteer once a week, once a month, or once a year. Watching you in the middle of even the most insignificant acts of kindness — such as strolling your neighbor’s dog or buying coffee for the woman in a queue behind you — may increase your mood and make your partner swoon. People are more likely to choose to be around you if you are polite and pleasant, consciously and unconsciously.

  1. Show how much you care

There is a narrow line between acting a little aloof and acting completely uninterested. When you are out to dinner, you must avoid continuously checking your phone or shifting your gaze around the room. To be clear, your spouse should be held to the same level. You can indicate that you are interested in what they are saying by asking about their life. People value just wanting to be with somebody who makes them feel wonderful. But you have to keep an eye out to see if they are exhibiting the same level of interest and affection. If not, you may be interacting with a narcissist, in which case you should leave as soon as possible.

  1. Maintain your independence — And theirs as well.

When you encounter someone you think is the mate of your desires, it is easy to let go of pieces of yourself. But do not do it. Trying to be someone you are not is so obvious. Your deserving partner should embrace your unique personality, flaws, and all.

It is crucial to be true to yourself, and keeping your interests can also help illustrate how fascinating your life is, with or without your partner. You have to maintain your weekend long runs even if they want to hang out, and do not expect them to forgo weekly basketball games to see you.


The best approach to managing the dating world and making it work for you is to begin dating with a goal in mind. Be conscious of your dating motivations and refuse to compromise on what is important to you. You can make a dating plan to see if it makes a difference in developing a satisfying relationship. You may have dated someone who was not right for you, but you can hope for the best and move forward.

We live in the 21st century, yet we don’t find social acceptance of the dating concept in some countries. We run an online dating agency, people often tend to ask, only good-looking people would have greater chances of success in online dating. Honestly, this is not true. Some women may seek only handsome men, or some men would seek only beautiful ladies. Until and unless you have a strong value system, and how you have been raised is important, there will still be people who will seek their life partner based on their education, their belief system, their sincerity, and their capacity to love back.

We request you to have patience and faith in yourself and your belief system.

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