Does tinder work in India?

Does tinder work in India? When it comes to online dating in India. Indian culture still has prejudices about the online dating concept. But wait, India is a much more diversified country. So the right question will be, does online dating work in India? instead, does tinder work in India?

Why Online Dating? What is Tinder for ?

Ease of access and choice Since the inception of the information technology era, humans have simplified everything. Right from online shopping to online dating.”Ease of access “will be the most suitable answer for the question of why online dating? Now on the internet, there are thousands of applications that will help you to find a dating partner.

This gives you the power to browse and explore thousands of profiles on the internet. This is practically impossible without the concept of online dating.

One more important aspect of online dating is that there are niche websites; which are specific to your type of personality, business, etc. Online Dating applications have a questionnaire. Which collect information about the user’s personality, likes, dislikes. Later this collected information shall be used to give a personality match.

The Dark Side of Online Dating

Every coin has two sides. Online dating applications also have their dark side.

Business Model for Online Dating Applications

Whether it is an online portal or mobile application, based on scalability on the application the high scale applications require too much capital in its first phase. To cope with this challenge and achieve a break-even point in business profitability. These applications need to have a high number of users from its day one of starting a business. Having a high number of first users is again costly. The next challenge is to get the users to interact with each other to boost its revenue. Some website uses Pay per click model by placing advertisements on the website. Whereas some websites use a subscription model to get revenue and run business.

As mentioned already it is difficult to get first users, so pay per click model is not the preferred model for this business. Most online dating applications have a subscription-based business model, which helps them to start earning revenue from day one of business. But there is a problem with the result and consumer delight.

Suppose that user Amisha subscribed for the premium features of a dating website. She paid somewhere about 500 INR for registration. She lives in Delhi, so she will prefer her potential date must be from Delhi or a nearby area. If dating website she paid 500 INR for registration has around 10 million subscribers all over the world, if we narrow that search to her location, age then she might get only a few hundred matches on that website.

So to overcome this challenge online dating applications or mobile applications have fake user profiles registered by the business themselves in-order to increase customer delight. Some applications may also have automated bots (computer applications) to send emails and messages to registered users. So from the customer’s point of view, this is fraud. There are thousands of fraudster websites available on the internet; we would suggest you stay away from such applications.

People Behaviour and Risk

As mentioned earlier online dating is easy to access, but it is also easy to access to fraud people. When you are browsing profiles of users, any profile you click on is a stranger to you. No one can guarantee who is behind the scene and what are their intentions.
While browsing profiles users with a not-good profile picture are not going to get more interactions. So technically presentation matters in the online dating concept.


We would suggest,

1. Never pay a penny to get registered on any online dating application; it can steal money right from your pocket.
2. Get registered on 20 + websites if, you want to get a potential date, it’s not about only a dating brand.
3. Get registered at the local dating service provider.
4. Never trust anyone on any online dating application.
5. When you are going to meet someone first, second or third time, it is advised to meet at crowdie or public places.
6. Online Dating Works India! Proceed with Caution.