100 Percent Free Online Dating Website

This is a 100 percent free online dating website wootechie.com but on the internet, you would find hundreds of websites claiming to be FREE and genuine. For some users who have used traditional dating sites as a result they did not get any lead of potential date. As many online dating websites have artificial profiles. Many free online dating websites charge users for using their premium features.

You should get registered on wootechie.com right now. Firstly because we don’t use artificial or fake profiles and secondly wootechie.com is 100 percent free online dating website.

Main Features

It is currently FREE, it provides various features such as chatting, sending e-mails to registered users.

We don’t have artificial profiles in our database. As you might don’t know, some dating sites may have up to 50,000 artificial users.

We have a dedicated ticketing system for better customer service such as a service desk, to interact with registered users.

wootechie.com has more user friendly features such as

Search Using this feature you can search users based on various criteria such as pin code and interests.

Profile Users can have their detailed profile.Users can edit their profile as and when then want to change.

Chat Users can chat one to one. Users can also chat in groups. The chat feature is our flagship feature and top priority.

Viewed Me There are thousands of swipe left and right dating websites on market, they are literally funny, don’t you think? They are designed that way to keep users engaged on their website which is unnatural way and is unethical. So we have kept that feature along with this Viewed me feature which shows who viewed your profile.

E-mail Well you don’t get an e-mail id for this feature but, this is the simplest feature we can have on our website to communicate with users who are not online. This will not be part of chat history. If chatting is an informal way of communication then e-mail is a way of formal communication.

Why we are unique You might have noticed that our goal of user experience is to connect people and not to keep engaged at our website. We encourage and allow users to share their contact details if the user thinks that the person they are having a conversation with is trustworthy. For example, if you like someone on wootechie.com, just send them an e-mail and ask them out. If they are interested they might share their phone number, e-mail id, or direct meeting address. Dating should be this simple. We don’t want people to get in an artificial relationship where they talk only over the internet.

ServiceDesk We have a dedicated service desk and ticket generating system where users can raise tickets for their concerns, questions, queries. Along with this, we provide a relationship help service love guru to help people who are not succeeding in their relationship goals.

Online Members Using this features users can find online users.

We provide many more features that aren’t listed here, Join us to know more! No credit card required

Frequently Asked Questions

Question-Credit card required to join wootechie.com ?


Question-Any type of charges or credit card required after registration ?


Question- Can user delete profile from wootechie.com

Answer-Yes .just send e-mail to [email protected] or raise ticket.

For more questions simply write an e-mail to [email protected]