10 Best Long Distance Dating Ideas

Long-distance relationships can be very tough and require a couple to pour in love, trust, and attention to maintain a strong bond. Most people fear the idea of a long-distance relationship and immediately back out, while some take this new beginning as a challenge and make the most out of it. With an adequate amount of trust and some unique out-of-the-box ideas, you can make virtual dating super fun and keep the spark alive. Despite being physically away, couples can still be close to each other with a little assistance from technology and incorporating old-fashioned ways in the mix. We have listed down some amazing long distance dating ideas that will make every day memorable for you both. 

long distance dating ideas
long distance dating ideas

10 best long-distance ideas to keep your partner virtually close 

  • Call each other

Chatting and texting are fine but don’t miss out on the video call privilege. Call them to listen to their voice or facetime them to capture them; a long-distance relationship must include facetime dates

There are so many fun things to do on facetime. Watch a movie together; this way, you can catch their reaction while watching the movie. Cook a delicious meal and have a dinner date together. Play your favorite songs and dance to your heart’s content while your partner watches you or joins in. 

Have a home tour once you (or them) settle down in the new place. This long distance relationship date idea can strengthen the bond between you and them as you catch a glimpse of them every day.  

  • Plan a virtual date night

If you are clueless about how to plan dates, we can help you with date ideas for your boyfriend and you. One of the best long-distance dating ideas would be planning a virtual date night every week. You can make your weekend romantic with some creative input. Some days you and your partner can go the extra mile by dressing up in your favorite outfits and facetime each other. 

Cook dinners and have a pleasant evening as you watch them through your screen. It will be just like the old days. Now, we move to the best part – movies. After you are done with dinner and put on some comfortable clothing and binge-watch a new movie or series. We all know that couples that watch movies together stay together. 

  •  Write letters

If you and your partner love writing or expressing through words, this long distance dating idea will work miraculously well for you two. Open a Google Doc file and write down your feelings for each other. This way, you can read what the other person is going through at the very moment. “How was your day?” is the most answered question. Your partner would love to listen to (or read) how your day went.  

Talking about letters, let’s not forget emails. It gives your relationship a vintage feel. Write handwritten and long emails and send them to your significant other at the end of the day. After a tiring day, this small gesture will bring a smile to their face.

  • Take a funny online quiz together.

What’s a long-distance relationship without smiles and laughter? Go on Google and take up quizzes with your partner. Quizzes are a silly getaway from a stressful day. These quizzes will help you unwind with your partner and are bound to give you a crazy night. 

Learn about the five love languages and take up a quiz where you get to know your love language. Which Hollywood couple are you? What type of partner are you? These are some fun quizzes that allow you and your partner to have a good time together while getting to know each other better. It works best if you are in an early stage of your relationship where you two are just getting to know each other. If that’s so, this is the best long distance dating idea for you. 

  •  Snap some pictures

To stay connected with your special person who’s miles apart, keep them updated with your day. And what’s better than snapping some pictures and sending them? Join the Snapchat app to follow a streak and send them pictures back and forth. Are you out with your friends? Click a picture of the food or your friend’s and send it to them. Working with a coffee by your side? Let them know. 

This long-distance dating idea helps them feel included in your life even if they are not physically present to share the moment. It goes both ways; receiving imagery updates from your partner doesn’t make you feel left out of your life.  

  • E-cards

Customize a funny and beautiful e-card for your significant other. Keep these memories personalized with you. Imagine coming home after a stressful day and opening your emails to find a cute romantic e-card waiting for you. A picture of you and them decorated with hearts and a small message below would be the sweetest thing to be done in a long-distance relationship. A small glimpse of the e-card instantly helps you forget a bad day. 

Remind them how lucky you feel to have them in your life. Use e-cards and make them feel special. It is considered one of the many long distance relationship activities that can be done once with your partner.

  • Set a countdown 

Keep the excitement of your reunion alive. Of course, neither of you can wait to meet one other, and hence, you keep track of the days. Remind each other of the days left for you to be back together in each other’s arms. If not, maintain a calendar wherein you cross out the days. 

For the two of you to keep track of the days simultaneously, download an app for the countdown. Schedule the date and add it to your lock screen. This way, your excitement keeps increasing as the number of days keeps decreasing. This long-distance relationship dating idea is a constant reminder of when you’ll be back with your partner which keeps the spark burning. 

  • Play online games

Some days are romantic while some days are competitive. Put on your sports shoes, or let’s say, gloves to enjoy a date night game with your partner-in-crime. There are various online games for couples who are in a long-distance relationship. If you and your partner are game aficionados, a game night would be fun. Play in teams or against each other. Choose the level of violence you are comfortable with, and decide on the games. 

You melt away the distance when you connect with your LDR date partner. You will laugh or fight but that is all a part of the game. Enjoy to the fullest and witness the funny side of your partner.

  • Make a virtual photo album with Pinterest.

Share an account on Pinterest and upload your interests. Let us quickly explain this long-distance dating idea. Pinterest is a platform where you can either upload or pin your interests. It can be your ideal vacation or dream date night. The couple can make boards of any topic they like and pin ideas.

Let’s say the topic is your next trip. You both dream of traveling to Paris. You make a board and search for Parisian food and pin it. When you and your partner share the same board on Pinterest, you understand and learn about each other’s likes and dislikes. 

  • Send a care package

Now, since we did everything virtually, it’s time to send your significant other some love. Send them memorable gifts and surprise them with sudden love. Memory maps can be the best gifts for long distance couples. This thoughtful gift can save memories that pictures can not capture. You can also think of a customized gift that sparks a memory that only you share with them.

A telepathy crystal is an amazing idea to stay in touch with your long-distance partner. Think of some long distance dating ideas that can turn into a beautiful gift for your partner. Order flowers from their nearby florists and add a personalized note with it; you can surely imagine the smile on their faces once they smell the flowers. You can also send them an assorted box of chocolates; who doesn’t love chocolate?

Enjoy the time

Lastly, as much as you struggle to keep your relationship perfect, there will be bad days. Nevertheless, by getting constant support from your partner, you can get through the tough times and come out of it stronger. Every relationship is unique, and it needs daily love and trust for stability. Your partner might like different things than you. In such cases, it is always advisable to experiment and try new things. 

Make every day special with some extra care and love. Send them sweet messages daily. An unexpected ‘I love you every once in a while will make them blush. Positive affirmations saying how proud you are of them display moral support and put them at ease. 

As much as positive affirmations are important, it is also crucial to understand that it’s not necessary to go through all the steps. Each couple’s journey is different and you mustn’t try to alter it just because you cannot let go. Try not to force yourself into something just because you want a significant other in your life. Give yourself the liberty to make informed choices and trust your gut.