Things to do when dating

Romance, in today’s day and age, comes and goes much like a whirlwind. Keeping a relationship going seems tougher than keeping a job, especially since the pandemic. The isolation of the new generation has led to a decrease in social activity rendering the youth impatient and easily bored. Are you in a relationship? Does the consistent thought of losing your loved one keep you up at night? What you need is a guide. Yes, love cannot be pragmatic, but sometimes you’ll find that even in matters of the heart, dos and don’ts come down to be very significant. In this blog, you will read about the Things to do when dating must abide by if you wish to keep your partner by your side.

things to do when dating
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What you can do on dating

There cannot always be a specific science in what we say and the reactions we expect or actually get. However, these pointers are some of the popular dos you must remember:

Show interest: If your partner feels you are not able to lend an ear when they need it, they may feel underappreciated and ignored. Always treat them with respect. Think of romantic ideas for her by listening and understanding what she needs.

Exude confidence: A confident person can often impress others around them. Your partner will only trust and respect you if you offer yourself the same liberty.

Make an effort: Relationships are based on giving and taking. Make your partner feel you genuinely care for them and think of them often. For example, gifts, flowers, verbal reassurance, date ideas, and other couple things.

Be curious: Asking questions makes you seem genuinely interested in the other person. Find out what your partner feels about their day-to-day life, about you, their family, etc.

Trust your partner: You must remind yourself of your own sense of security. And you must also trust your partner; if they stray, it’s their loss.

Compliment them: Make your significant other feel beautiful and wanted at all times. Do not let the spark fizzle out.

Honesty is key: If you wish to build a genuine connection with your partner, you must offer them respect, to be honest with them. Good relationships cannot be built on lies.

Flirt: Flirting, as stated by many, is a very healthy habit in a relationship. It keeps the intimacy bar high and brings some spark to the relationship.

Discuss important issues: Do not postpone confrontation. If something your partner does or is doing something that does not please you, you should not shy away from telling them. This will further build tension between the two of you.

Red Flags: Perhaps the most important one. Over the course of your relationship, you should look for any red flags. Is your partner rude to the help, do they never offer to pay, do they treat you nicely only when they need you, are they sketchy about their whereabouts, and much more. If you see any of these signs, do not investigate further; just bolt out of there.

Now, things to do when dating (NOT)

Now that you know some boyfriend things to do, here are the things that you must avoid. It is not possible to cover all the don’ts in one go, yet, we will try our best to tell you about the significant ones.

Don’t be narcissistic: Do NOT keep talking about yourself all the time. Your partner wants to be heard equally, and they will find themselves turned off if they think you’re not interested.

Do not talk about your EX: Okay, we’ve heard this one enough. Do not be that person whining over your ex to your current love interest. This will only bum them out and make them like you less.

Keep away from your gadgets: Make your partner feel as though they are the center of your attention. If you keep fidgeting or checking your phone, they are likely to feel unwanted or overbearing. Instead, be active through some dating activities!

Don’t change yourself: You never have to apologize for who you are. If your partner can respectfully accept who you are, then well and good; if not, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Do not let a third person’s criticism get to you!

Don’t overthink: If you are a person who generally overthinks, gets in a bubble bath, goes for a walk, or goes drinking with your friends. Do not let your mind ruin a good thing over conjectures and assumptions.

Don’t lose yourself in jealousy: Jealousy is the most common factor in couple quarrels. Remember, it is only a green-eyed monster. So take your decisions once the jealousy has worn off.

Don’t be clingy: Even though they’re your favorite person in the world and there are essentially no bands of awkwardness around you, you still mustn’t blow up their phone, show up to meet them randomly, or crave too much of their time. Let them breathe.

Don’t miss out on the intimacy talk: All couples must discuss the safety measures they should be using when intimate. You must understand what your partner is comfortable with. This also deepens your bond with them.

Narrowmindedness: Don’t keep your mind restricted to all you know about relationships. Navigate your relationship at your own pace, and try to understand your loved one’s beliefs and faiths.

Do not push them away: Some people retreat into a cocoon when something doesn’t go their way or hurts them. Remember, your partner is not at fault, and even if you’re tempted to take it all out on them, it’s not the right thing to do. Talk to them, bear your real feelings, and you’ll watch your problems disappear.

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