20 Best Would You Rather Questions For Couples

Asking questions is a great way to get to know each other. Contrary to popular belief, curiosity does not kill the cat. Whether you are getting to know each other or have been in a relationship for years, there is always something you might not know about your partner. Regardless of how far you have come in a relationship, there is always fun to be had and love to be shared. Ask these would you rather questions for couples to your partner and get the fun going.

would you rather questions for couples
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Reignite the spark in your relationship

The best part about getting to know your significant other better is that you get to ask these couple questions, and there are no right or wrong answers. Your questions can be playful, funny, personal, serious, and more, helping you understand your partner much more deeply than you already do.

For couples who have dated for years or months, conversations can get monotonous. Think about it, you already know everything about a person and their lives; you spend hours with each other. Isn’t it bound to bore you one day?

This is why it is smart to keep the mystery alive by asking them a couple of questions every now and then. These questions should focus on their lives or them as an entity. They can be hypothetical or real as well.

You can ask your partner these questions while you’re out on date night or sitting under a sky full of stars. Try to be as romantic as possible with your line of questioning. You should also urge the other person to ask you their set of questions as well. Be as open as you can with your loved one, yet keep the spark alive.

Below, we have curated for you a set of 20 questions for boyfriends and girlfriends that may help you spring you in the right direction.

20 best would you rather questions for couples

If you ever feel like your relationship is missing the spark you used to have, try these questions. They will surely help you reignite your relationship. Call it a ‘how well do you know your partner quiz’.

These are some basic questions you can ask your partner. They bring out the lively aspect of your relationship. Would you rather questions are also known as this or that questions. These questions offer your partner two options; picking either of the options speaks about your partner’s preferences.

  1. Would you rather become a night owl or wake up early?
  2. Would you rather prefer to work out in the morning or in the evening?
  3. Would you rather watch a sunset or sunrise with your partner?
  4. Would you rather plan the weekends or have nothing to do?
  5. Would you rather believe in coincidence or destiny?
  6. Would you rather travel all around the world with your partner or binge-watch shows, doing nothing with your partner?
  7. Would you rather save money for the future or spend money to enjoy the present?
  8. Would you rather focus on your goals and have no time to spend with your loved ones or give time to your loved ones without achieving any of your goals?
  9. Would you rather be busy and tired or idle and lively?
  10. Would you rather try to plan your future or change the past?

The set of questions above helps you know your partner more. They help you gain insight as to what they would do when put in a particular situation. They are also light and constitute a fun time between couples, proving to be the best boyfriend and girlfriend questions.

The next set of would you rather questions are funny yet absurd. They will help you laugh together!

  1. Would you rather give up on bathing for a month or give up on the internet for a month?
  2. Would you rather reincarnate as a camel or a giraffe?
  3. Would you rather have a pillow fight or a water fight with your partner?
  4. Would you rather be a great cook but a toxic person or a horrible cook but a nice person?
  5. Would you rather date a wealthy dumb person or a poor but smart person?

Personals would rather ask questions aimed at your partner’s character. These questions will let you understand your partner’s preferences. Knowing your partner’s preference will help you make decisions as per their choice. It will help you when you want to surprise them.

It is useless to give them something they dislike. Imagine surprising your partner with a gift they had on their wishlist for a long time. If you question your partner with any random questions, it may become too serious very fast. In the case of would you rather questions, there will be concise answers that may prove to be memorable. So, it is easy for you to conclude your partner preferences!

  1. Would you rather be rich and dumb or poor but smart?
  2. Would you rather work at a company that you dislike but get paid more or work at a company that you love but get underpaid?
  3. Would you rather prefer to tell a lie and make your partner happy or tell the truth and make your partner sad?
  4. Would you rather be the talk of the town or mysterious?
  5. Would you rather want to grow old with your partner and experience life or want to stay young and experience the present with your partner?

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So get to playing this fun yet informative game with your significant other. Urge them to open up more to you and make them feel special by letting them know how curious you are about their lives and behaviors, and personalities. These little things matter most when you’ve been with someone you love for a long time. We help you reignite the fire of your relationship.

These questions could also be icebreakers for first dates when that sweet awkwardness lingers between two people attracted to each other. Or, these could prove to be good would you rather questions for your crush. Don’t be shy; ask away and watch your date turn magical!

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