How to Respond to Compliments

Complimenting is a formal act or expression of courtesy or respect. We use compliments to express our fondness, regard, or respect. In simple words, it is the act of praising someone. For e.g., your hair color suits you.

Compliments are given to praise someone’s work or anything else you liked about them. Do take care to only pay compliments when they are sincere. Be sincere while complimenting someone if his/her accomplishment seems impressive to you. In this article, we will understand how to respond to compliments.

Compliments are the best way to express your affection to someone. A compliment adds a tune to the music of connection. It best expresses our fondness, regards, and respect for the other person.

Not knowing how to respond to a compliment may position you as rude and might offend the other person. If you too face problems in accepting compliments, then this blog will help you respond more confidently to the compliments you deserve.

how to respond to compliments

The way you accept a compliment is important as well. The best way is to simply say “thank you”. Don’t respond with negative connotations.

  1. Never dispute, disparage, disregard or diminish a compliment. To do so is insulting to the person paying you the compliment.
  2. A simple smile can be a good way to respond.
  3. Avoid responding awkwardly, be a good sport and take the compliment positively.

Accepting compliments

An appropriate way of accepting a compliment is to wait for the person to finish talking. Give a sincere compliment in return; don’t underestimate the person with your body language. Look directly into their eyes, smile, and express your gratitude for the kind remark. Some examples of compliments are you make a great couple, or you look beautiful, etc.

How to respond to a compliment?

How to respond to a compliment is always simple but sometimes, you may unknowingly hurt a person. If we don’t respond as the person expects, it may create an awkward situation. You must also properly respond when other thanks you for complimenting them. The proper response to “thank you” can be “welcome”, “not at all”, and “it’s all right”.

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms. Do you know how to reply to comments on Instagram? It depends on the scenario of the comment. If it is positive, then reply with thanks. If you think seems like one is flirting with compliments then, respond politely in the same way, or add humor to your answer but try not to hurt them if you’re turning them down.

Suppose that you are getting flirting responses, you should be confident and reply in the same way and avoid making the situation awkward. For example, we can say “Thanks, I think it would look better on you”. When you get a flirty comeback like ‘make me‘ then your reply could be funny and playful as well. One usually responds in a flirty manner to shoot their shot or to take an opportunity to understand you.

Sometimes we might even receive funny replies. Instead of being shy to respond, give them a befitting reply without sounding condescending. This way, other people could appreciate your sense of humor. For e.g.: “Oh such observant eyes”.

If you are wondering how to compliment a guy on his looks, the most classic lines would be

  1. “You are so handsome”
  2. “You have a great sense of style”
  3. “Just looking at you makes me smile”

When someone is calling you cute, you can say “That’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to me today”. With such a reply, you can be polite while making the opposite person feel good about themselves.

In a more formal setting, we also need to know how to praise someone professionally. We can say “Your efforts lately have not gone unnoticed”, “You keep impressing me with your hard work”, etc. Such replies will help bring out your personality and will help you to maintain a business relationship.

How to respond to compliments gracefully?

Be straight and tough while you respond to a compliment; calm yourself and normalize your breathing. Don’t use any gaps in your speech; think about the lines in your head, and then say it out loud clearly and directly.

A response is incomplete if it lacks confidence. It is said the most beautiful thing one can wear is confidence. Responding confidently to a person’s praise raises your self-esteem massively.

“Thank You”

A person is lying if they say they don’t adore receiving compliments! The best response to a compliment may seem very cliche, but it works nonetheless. It’s a simple smile with a ‘thank you. Remember to keep your posture straight as it gives the illusion of confidence and confirms your worth in your complimenter’s eyes.

How to respond to a flirty compliment

Now, this is a completely different ballgame, ladies and gents. The person you are on a date with will make genuine efforts to give honest compliments if they like you. The examples of such compliments that have a touch of flirt in them are:

“You are simply awesome.”
“I get excited every time I meet you.”
“I believe I am lucky to be with someone like you.”
“I like the way you ‘some of your traits they like’, which can be a flirting compliment for her.

Flirting responses may be expected if the complimenter is respectful but if a compliment offends you, pay it no attention or stand up for yourself. If you both have known each other for a while, you can return the compliment by being more friendly.

Some examples of responding to such compliments can be:

You can blatantly ask, “Are you flirting with me?”
If someone calls you cute, and you want to return the gesture, you can say, “you must be rubbing off on me.”
If you like to make them uncomfortable jokingly, you can say, “Sorry? Can you please repeat what you said just a little louder this time?”
If you like them and want to continue the banter, you can respond with a thank you compliment like,

          “ Thank you so much – I picked this outfit only for you.”

“Thank you so much- I like the way you framed that.”

If the compliment is funny

Some people might not be shy about making funny compliments. In that case, we can limit our ego by laughing them away in the way the person appreciates our sense of humor. Nothing strengthens human bonds better than innocent laughter.

Some examples of responses are:

  1. “Thank you; I wake up like this”
  2. Oh, such an observant person you are”
  3. “ I am sorry? I didn’t hear you, could you please repeat that”
  4. “Look who’s talking.”

How to respond to a compliment via text

While texting, one can praise someone professionally, personally, or randomly even on social media story responses. And the best response to a compliment is preferred to be natural. Our tone should reflect our happiness and gratitude. In replies to Instagram comments, or other social media, one should never attempt to dodge the compliment by being too humble to accept. It would come off as rude and unappreciative.

Another option is to respond to a comment on Instagram or other text messages by using a voice message to show your joy and avid gratitude for the person; people generally love this gesture.

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A single compliment can make a big difference. Expressing gratitude towards the person in front of you will help in strengthening your bond. Complimenting your partner every once in a while can help keep the spark alive in your relationship. Hope this article answered the question of How to respond to compliments.

Happy Dating!