How to flirt with guys

Love is in the air! But dating is a rocky road for some. Maybe there’s a guy that you like, but you just don’t understand how to catch his eye. Here’s a guide on how to flirt with guys.

how to flirt with guys
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Flirting across the room

Strong eye contact can shorten the distance between you and him. Don’t stare directly at him or he’d get weirded out. Learn how to be subtle when flirting.

Non-verbal flirting

Maybe you’re too shy to spark a conversation and wonder how to flirt with guys without uttering a single word. Here are different examples of flirting. One, being, non-verbal flirting. A sweet smile can get you a long way. Studies suggest guys are more attracted to girls who smile often than those who don’t.

Flip your hair

There have been studies that suggest that guys are attracted to girls with longer hair. So, if you’ve got long and beautiful hair, flip them to gain his attention.

Playful touches

Let your hand linger on his arm for a second too long when talking to him. This will release oxytocin in his body and make him feel closer to you.

Tease him

There’s an air of awkwardness when you’re first getting to know someone. No better way to break the ice than to tease him a bit.

Flirty things to say to a guy

If you’re feeling confident, use one of these playful flirtatious quotes:

  1. You make my heart beat faster.
  2. No one makes me feel the way you do.
  3. You’re all I ever think about.

Ask them for help

If you’ve got a doubt about a math problem, consider asking your crush instead of your friend. Guys enjoy being asked for help.

Have guy friends

Having guy friends around will let him know that you’re comfortable around the other gender. So, in turn, he’ll feel more comfortable hanging out with you.

Ask questions

Let them know you’re intrigued by their personality. Some questions to ask a guy to flirt are: Where did they grow up? What’s their favorite color? Ask away!

Create some mystery

Too many couples get to know each other too quickly, causing their chemistry to fizzle away within a month or two. Go slow, don’t reveal too much about yourself right from the start to create tension.

How to flirt over text?

Let’s be honest, we talk to people more over text than in person. So here’s how to flirt with a guy over text. Asking for his number is the first part. It is so much more personal than asking for their Insta ID.

How to text a guy?

While flirting on chat, anything can be misconstrued. So use flirty emojis along with flirty texts to ensure he knows your intentions.

How to get a guy to like you over text?

Don’t be needy or clingy, and text him 24/7. Give him space and pop up every once in a while with a hilarious meme.

How to turn a guy on over text without being obvious?

Here are some flirting examples texts to get started:

  1. I wish you were here right now.
  2. I miss your touch.
  3. I hate being apart from you.

When to text him?

Text him when you know he’s free so that he’ll text you back sooner.

The texting game

If he always takes too long to text you back, do the same thing to him. Show him your worth!

Out of the friendzone

There is always this guy who simply flirts with you but isn’t looking to settle down. Tell him your intentions right from the start so that you don’t get your heart broken later.

A taken man

Don’t flirt with him if he is dating someone else. If he’s willing to leave you for her, then he’s willing to leave you for the next girl.


As crazy as it sounds, keep some distance between you two every once in a while to make him miss you. He’ll get bored of you if you’re around him too much.

Ask him out

Guys like girls who are willing to take a risk.

So, get back out there on the playing field and find your perfect match over at Wootechie, and start your fairytale romance.