What are rejections and some healthy responses to deal with rejection?

Rejection happens in life. There are various types of rejections. In the Bible god too allowed rejection. In this article, we have discussed What are rejections and some healthy responses to deal with rejection?

Definition of Rejection

Anything, whether it is an event, person, an action that is going to invoke shame, sadness, and grief in a person’s mind, can be called Rejection.

What are rejections and some healthy responses to deal with rejection?
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Types of rejection in life

From the point of view of a person, we can classify all rejections into two main rejection types as mentioned below.

Emotional Rejections

These are the ones that make you upset.

  1. You proposed to a girl and she rejected.
  2. According to your calculations, you would score A+ in the exam but you scored B. You rejected yourselves.

Social Rejection

These are the ones that make people upset.

  1. Ostracism was the term used by Athenians to exclude a person from society or state.
  2. When your family believes that you are no longer a member of their family is social rejection.
  3. A young boy or girl is being bullied by other students in a school is social rejection.
  4. When your ideas were dropped at a board meeting of a company is social rejection.

Why Rejections are painful

According to science rejections cause emotional pains which are similar to physical pain. Our brain reacts to emotional pain the same way it reacts to physical pain. It releases the same chemicals which are required to heal physical pain. This is how important rejections are, we should not take them lightly. Emotional pain recovery takes time the same way as physical recovery.

Causes of rejection

We can not stop rejections since they are inevitable and part of life. Too much attachment to a person, people, goals can cause too much harm if rejected.

We can say that it is you who let pain hit you or rejection hit you.

It’s you who did not prepare yourself for rejection. Bible says rejections are part of the world. Jesus was also rejected by his father, family, and society.

How to deal with every rejection.

Acknowledge and Accept

Whether you are rejected by a girl, a job, family, or society you need to first acknowledge that rejection. You should not deny that rejection.

Process and Re-Process

As mentioned earlier rejection causes pain to the inner mind and it needs time to heal. If you are rejected by a girl or denied a job or rejected by family, take a self-assessment damage test. You should give some time to yourself. Arrange a vacation or simply spend time with family or friends. Don’t be alone at all. Some people do not experience any visible pain but they experience it later in other ways such as depression. You need to take out all pressure from your mind which might be there due to rejection.

Forgive and Be in Peace

        If you think you have healed fully from rejection this is the last step. Whatever the reason for your rejection is, you already know that and you have accepted it. Now you need to forgive, everyone, yourself, and accept peace.

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