8 Stages of Relationships

When you first meet someone and fall in love with them, you probably envision yourself walking off into the sunset and living happily ever after. At least, that’s what we’re told in all of the Disney movies and romantic comedies. Obviously, every relationship does not begin in the same manner. Some meet their other halves using a dating app, while others meet through mutual connections or at work. There are several stages of a relationship in the coming together process, regardless of how a partnership begins.

stages of a relationship

stages of a relationship

The first stage is infatuation and romance

In every relationship, there are several stages of love. A typical relationship begins with a strong desire to be with the other person. You begin to believe that you are unable to live without the other. Nothing can separate you because you’re so attracted to one another. Sparks fly, and romance blooms. 

You only see the bright side of things and choose to overlook each other’s flaws. You want to learn everything there is to know about your lover, and everything is fresh and exciting. Sex is never enough, and you’ll take advantage of every opportunity you have. The temperature is really hot. 

It’s also one of the cutest relationship stages. In this phase of dating, you can never get enough of another person. This is commonly called the cupcake phase, is the sweetest phase of any relationship. 

Stage two is finding a place to stay

The accommodation stage is what occurs following the honeymoon phase of a relationship. Hours are spent conversing and attempting to better understand each other. 

You’ll talk about each other’s ex-boyfriends, girlfriends, passions, dreams, loves, and dislikes. You begin to see your partner’s true colors. As you learn more about your loved one, you begin to construct an opinion about them and develop expectations. 

You are overjoyed when your expectations are satisfied. However, you become dissatisfied if you are continually ignored or feel unseen. Both partners are checking to see if their needs are being met by their partners at this point. This step helps in measuring sexual compatibility, a crucial step in a relationship sexually.

Differences begin to emerge over time, and once the initial flames have died down, you may begin to suspect that you are dating someone who is incompatible with you. In this stage of dating, you’ll need to find answers to your questions and decide whether you’re willing to accommodate this person in order to witness the dating progression for the levels to come. 

Stage three is a test

Anger, irritation, and disappointment build in during this stage of dating. The relationship begins to get difficult, and your partnership’s strength is put to the test. 

You are attempting to comprehend your partner’s wants and expectations at this point in the relationship. You may try to meet their demands voluntarily or reluctantly because you believe your own needs are not being satisfied. After the honeymoon phase of a relationship, you begin to feel uneasy and easily irritated by your partner’s behaviors, wishes, or requirements. 

This stage of a relationship occurs when both partners attempt to alter the behavior and character of the other in order to fulfill their own wants. However, if you are compatible and willing to understand each other to the core, you may yet survive or not feel annoyed in their presence. 

Stage 4: Complete faith

You are both satisfied with one other at this point in your relationship, and complete trust has been established. You can predict your partner’s behaviors and actions if you can get to this level of dating. 

As you’ve created trust, you feel at ease in each other’s company. This is also the point at which you begin to take each other for granted. This is sometimes referred to as the “comfort zone.” Do not take your relationship for granted if you want to make it through this period. 

Romance will fade away, and both partners will have to work hard to keep the relationship alive.

Stage 5: Sexual experimentation

When everything falls into place, you’ll feel more confident in expressing your sexual wants and not be scared to tell your girlfriend or boyfriend what you want. 

Your sex life reaches its pinnacle during this stage of the partnership. You’ll want to try new ways to keep things interesting and spice up your sex life, as your original excitement may have faded. 

Following the honeymoon period in a relationship, there is a chance of your libido dwindling. If your sexual demands differ, either of you might start looking for someone to have an affair with.

Stability is the sixth stage

When you get to this point in your relationship, it signifies you’ve met each other’s expectations.

You’ve previously been through a lot of obstacles and learned how to deal with them together. Both of you have matured and progressed at this point in your relationship. You’ve learned to accept each other’s differences and focus on making the relationship work. 

You’ve also learned to see past them, to accommodate and respect each other’s needs and expectations rather than trying to alter each other. Instead of wasting time trying to correct your mistakes, you have learned from them by making consensual compromises. 

You embrace the fact that your partner is different from you and learn to respect each other’s boundaries as your love grows and matures.

Commitment is the seventh stage

You’ve accepted the truth of what a real relationship entails at this point in your dating life. You and your partner quit having excessive expectations of each other and instead love and trust each other. 

You accept them as they are, with all of their flaws and strengths. If you’ve made it this far in your relationship, you don’t have to worry about losing your partner because trust, love, and safety have been established. You are dedicated to your connection and would go to great lengths to ensure that it succeeds. 

You have learned how to moderate your expectations for each other. It does not, however, imply that you take your spouse for granted. Make a conscious effort to enhance yourself and your relationship as a couple.

Co-creation – the eighth stage

You’ve decided to seal the deal and take your relationship to the next level as a team at this point in your relationship. In many ways, you love and appreciate each other, and you want to spend the remainder of your life with each other.

Following the honeymoon period in a relationship, you may spend a lot more time working on projects together or alone, forgetting to devote time to nurturing your relationship. Take the time to bond with your partner and cultivate your relationship. Growing a relationship takes time and effort.

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