Dating in the kitchen

some of us are inventors and explorers. You are reading this means you are a very curious explorer and want to explore a new kind of dating, dating in the kitchen.

Dating in the kitchen
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A kitchen is a divine place for women

In nearly all cultures kitchen are the first learning and working ground for women. Girls follow the legacy of their mothers, grandmothers to the next generation through the kitchen. I mean the times have changed, but in general, this is the way how it works, I am not talking about families where maids and servants cook their food for the family. I am telling this because I want to explain how close kitchens are to the hearts of women. Believe me, kitchens are very close to women’s hearts. A kitchen is a divine place for women.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. All women know this, If a woman cares about you she will cook delicious meals for you and you will be invited for sure. I am telling you these are the very special women who express their love and care by serving you delicious meals. if you already have such a woman in your life, you are very lucky to have her around you.

Dating in the kitchen is like “ cherry on the top

As you might already know dating is a precursor ritual to marriage, dating in the kitchen is a win-win situation for both woman and man involved in dating.As you now know 1. A kitchen is a divine place for women and 2. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, you can imagine how holy this date would be to the women from her perspective. It is said that food creates a relationship and a strong bond. Cooking delicious food will create an extra-ordinary bond with your date which will last for a long, so Dating in the kitchen is like a “ cherry on the top”.

Dating in the kitchen

So if it is decided to have a kitchen date then you are good to go. This date can be planned at anyone’s place, Remember, The way to a woman’s heart is also goes through her stomach just make sure nobody is home except you. Place owner to decide what to cook, planning, and execution of the task. Make it quick, so that you will have time to eat food and to have a discussion.

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