Red flags for dating

Social media is full of red flags for dating, which leaves us wondering what people perceive as a no-no in a relationship. Is it the way you chew? Or how they hate the new Batman movie? (In which case, it is surely a red flag). In all seriousness, red flags in a relationship should not be ignored, as they are warning signs of the potentially dangerous behavior someone could exhibit. Read this article to learn about the top 5 red flags for dating.

red flags for dating
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Red flags can lead to abusive behavior in no time and should not be taken lightly, which we usually do, blinded by new love.

Top 5 red flags for dating

If there is something we learned watching the Tinder Swindler, it’s the devil who casts a spell of love and leaves us blinded to red signs which might seem obvious to others. So here we are compiling the top 5 dating online red flags that should not be ignored.

Love bombing is – Major red flag for dating

When a person shows over-the-top attention and love to influence another person, it is called love bombing. You feel appreciated, desired, and let them in on your intimate details. The purpose of love bombing is to use these little details later on against you for manipulation and abuse. It is one of the red flags for women as it can lead to future physical and emotional manipulation.

No respect for boundaries

We all have emotional, physical, and sexual boundaries that should be explored in a healthy way when dating. When someone starts to be coercive and pressurizes you by constantly asking too many personal questions, it becomes a red flag. If the other person is pushing your boundaries even when you are uncomfortable, it just means they don’t respect you. When there is no respect for your boundaries, they don’t care about your feelings.

No label relationship

Unless you both agreed to a no-label relationship, this is one of the top red flags in people these days. Even though you both have been dating, seeing, and cuddling with each other for months, the other person refuses to label the relationship. It is a red flag for dating since they might have commitment issues. It can also mean they are involved with other people romantically. If they try to deter you from this conversation, it’s time to take a step back and see it for what it is- red flags in a relationship.

Professes their undying love

We know it takes time to know someone enough to truly love them. The saying I love you too soon red flag should never be ignored. If your partner confesses their true love right at the beginning of the relationship, take it as one of the red flags of an insecure man. It can easily turn into obsession and possessiveness, which will suck the life out of you over a period of time.


In the early stages of a relationship, it’s best not to spend a lot of time with someone you are still figuring out. If the person keeps nagging you to hang out almost every day in the week, it is a sure-shot red flag. One example of a red flag in this scenario is if they ask you to hang out with them instead of your friends early on while dating.

You need to have your own space and independence in the relationship to respect each other. Other major red flags for dating are if your partner keeps on inserting themselves in various areas of your life like work and hobbies, constant texting, and asking about your whereabouts.

Did any of these feel too close to home? Maybe it’s time to break the love spell, which is normal in the initial dating period, and approach things logically. Know your limits and express them to the other person. See how they react and analyze whether it is true admiration or just infatuation. Always trust your gut and do not brush aside red flags for dating since you might find yourself caught up in a toxic, unhealthy relationship.

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Happy Dating!