Why couples fight over little things?

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Whether couples should fight or not is a matter of debate but we can define couples as the two best friends who fight over little things can be defined as couples. In this article, we discuss why couples fight over little things?

It is often said that true love is a tight hug after a fight.


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Couples are couples who can fight literally over anything. So, we have classified situations /scenarios for/due to which reason couples fight.

To understand better we have created a hypothetical couple here; His name is Jack and her name is Monika.


Communication plays a major part due to which couples fight over little things. For example, Jack and Monika sitting on a couch. Jack is doing some office work on his laptop. Monika wants to talk which is disturbing Jack. Monika thinks that Jack does not pay attention to her anytime and Jack thinks that Monika is possessive. This is where they fight despite their love and strong relationship. Jack thinks that his hard work is not being appreciated by Monika. Whereas Monika thinks that Jack deliberately ignores her and does not understand her feelings.

Why couples fight over little things?
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If we see from the third-person point of view, we can say that they love each other but they fight, which is cute for us but not for them. When we get matured in a relationship or spend some time in a relationship, we all tend to assume everything from our partners. Assuming is the opposite thing of communication in relationships.

Monika and Jack must understand that clear communication is required from both of them to run their relationship successfully. Jack should not assume that Monika will adjust every time and Monika should communicate that she wants to talk with him.


As we mentioned in this article, understanding is the backbone of any relationship. Take an example, one night Jack tells Monika about his past relationship with Arianna. Jack further tells that she met him today in a mall and shared her contact number. Monika gets jealous and on the next day shares this event with their common friend. Eventually, jack came to know that Monika has shared their private relationship details with another friend. Monika gets jealous and jack very upset.

Jack knows that talking with his old girlfriend can be considered cheating, to avoid understanding and suspension Jack tried to clarify what happened so that he will not have any misunderstanding in the future. But, still, they fought. From this incident, we can understand that being in a relationship is a very difficult task it is like walking on a knife. We need to be very careful.

Mis-understandings can also happen due to taking the day-to-day responsibilities, such as housekeeping, dropping children at the school.


We discussed the first two classifications of reasons Why couples fight over little things? It is ironic to know that respect and sex are two major things couples want from each other. Respect and sex issues can not be tolerated anyone.

For example, Monika wants to know and control everything about Jack. Which friends he is hanging out with, Even what religion he follows, What hairstyle he has, what perfume he uses. Monika wants to prove dominance here and wants to show jack that she is the boss. Because of this behavior of Monika jack thinks that she does not have any respect towards his likes, goals, friends, in-laws, and aspirations.


Sex is important for both couples, so important that this can break relationships in minutes. Couples fight over sex positions, frequency. Sometimes one of them wants sex while others don’t. Sex can not be replaced by anything, if it is replaced it’s the end of a relationship.


Sex and Money are only two materialistic things couples fight for. Women are more concerned about money than men as usual women who do the monthly expenses. Women spend less money on their habits than men. Couples fight over, where to spend money, who is going to pay for that and why i will pay. Things can go more interesting if both couples are earning members.

These were the reasons, but the man question is not fully answered.

If we think of all possibilities and accept that couples share everything we can conclude that ,

Couples fight over little things to maintain the balance of power and sharing in their world.

This changes our definition of couples.

Couples can be defined as, two best friends who have their world and fight over little things to maintain a balance of power and sharing in their world.