Meet Kim-Yo-Jong – Next Supreme Leader of North Korea and Future of Humanity

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Meet Kim-Yo-Jong

Recently I watched a movie “THE INTERVIEW” .The basic story-line was like a american TV host, who is best at taking interviews of famous people and bring out of hidden things about the person by asking specific set of questions on live TV. This made him famous. Later,  he came to know that North Korean supreme leader also became his fan and what happens next is great kind of stuff but I am not going to tell you whole story because after reading this article I want you to watch this movie.Unless and until you don’t watch the movie you will not understand connection between Kim-Yo-Jong and Movie.Check this tweet about Kim-Yo-Jong

So, this is about the security head (obviously in the movie) of Kim “sook”( Diana Bang ) supports killing of her supreme leader in order to save her country from ruthless ruler. Co-incidentally soon after watching the movie in this lock down I started listening news about supreme leader of North Korea. It can be false news. We should never believe in such news unless and until it come from reliable sources. Although, as curiosity of my mind which started doing research about next in command line persons in North Korea to take control of government if anything happens to their current supreme leader.

Diana Bang arrives at Audrey & KoreAm’s 14th Annual Unforgettable Gala held at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA on Saturday, December 12, 2015. (Photo By Sthanlee B. Mirador) *** Please Use Credit from Credit Field *

What I found is amazing. She is a lady and not his wife. Her name is Kim-Yo-jong and she is a sister of Kim .She is  31 years old. She is a head (First) of some Propaganda and Agitation Department. I also started researching about this department as it had that strange name. I later came to know that this department works like information and broadcasting department of their county. Their only Job is to spread “Good News” about their supreme leader. Since its existence they have arranged number of public events to frame their supreme leader as “Peoples Man”. Well this is long term investment if you want to run a country for decades.There is very limited information available about Kim-Yo-Jung As media of North Korea is managed by sister of supreme leader herself.

Well, watch that movie later. What I was trying to say that “what is this happening around the world?”

I mean the great Chinese virus killing thousands of people around the world. Stopped businesses around the world. Bought crude oil prices below 0 USD.

All superpowers struggling to gain control over situation.

Well,this is absolutely not done by CIA (I have watched movie JFK too(Thanks to Lock-down and China Virus)).Even if you think this is done by aliens. Where are they, and for what purpose on the earth they will kill people of earth this slowly. I thought they will kill us all at once when they visit the earth.

This reminds me words of legendary scientist Stephen Hawking about the existence of aliens.

Even if we calculate human species as smart species between last 100 years, we have tried to kill ourselves thrice. Two World wars and this Corona virus Pandemic in 2020. Yes , we can compare corona virus pandemic to world wars! In both cases we have tried to kill ourselves. I mean when there are more than 6 billion peoples living on this body of planet which is hanging out in freely in space, a mistake of only one person can really kill us.

This is started getting real. I think that even one day we will watch on CNN that some asteroid of size 50 km is coming to hit earth within two days to kill us and we can do nothing. Just watch and get ourselves killed.

In that case, we should start to listening to elon musk and the people who are trying to say these things for years. We need to re-think on our priorities and our purpose on this tiny planet.

I know for sure, human race cannot be defeated by any virus or any asteroid or any nuclear war. So we need not to worry about the possible new leadership in North Korea or the virus.

Our governments spend trillions of dollars to wage wars cited by religious views, oil, land, water.This should be stopped immediately or one day there will be no religion, no oil, no land, no water to fight wars for. Mark my words.

Just focus on what will keep us going. That’s what human race has done for thousands of years.

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